Only the finest seasoned hand selected woods are used in the construction of my instruments. Fingerboard options include rosewood, ebony, maple and wenge. Body core choices are alder, ash, mahogany or walnut. These platforms provide a staging for the softer facewoods I have a fondness for. Spalted maples and myrtles of different figures (usually quilted, flamed, or burled) are really my favourites.


A five piece neck through body laminate of quartersawn hard maple and purpleheart is the foundation of every Sukop Bass. Superior clarity and infinite sustain, why do it any other way! Oversized 1/4" truss rod holds its own - rock solid means less seasonal movement. The fingerboard is cut to a compound radius, meaning it becomes a bit rounder as you go down the neck. This, combined with other neck proportions, will result in what I hope you will find to be the ultimate in playability. In the early nineties I started doing what I call a "constant radius" body design. The face of the body is hand carved to match the radius of the fingerboard. This gives an evenness to the feel of each string. Finally, the back of the body is also carved for ergonomics, leading to the "curved" body effect. The heelless cutaway is awesome! It allows complete unrestricted access to all 24 frets. Even on single cutaway models, nothing is in the way. Scales lengths of 34", 35" and 36" are available. Semi-hollow bodies are also optional. A silky smooth hand-rubbed oil finish completes the package, providing easy owner maintenance. All Sukop basses are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


I feel the bridge is the most important piece of the bass' hardware. All vibrations must pass through here. Since the early days, I've been using what I like to call "independent suspension" design. Each string has a separate section made of brass. I'm convinced this allows the bridge to act more like a stethoscope, making the strings' connection to wood more direct. The nut is also solid brass, giving open strings similar tone qualities to those of fretted notes. It is cut with a compensated spacing (even spaces between strings) to provide a more consistent feel. At 3/16" wide, it will last many years. Tuning keys are black Gotoh GB7's. Smooth, precise, reliable, these are industry standard on many quality instruments. Fully recessed Dunlop straplocks are the norm on all Sukop Basses.


Less is more. Why compromise great tone with excessive gadgetry? I've intentionally chosen a solution of elegant simplicity. Bill Bartolini has been providing the highest quality pickups wound to my specs for quite some time. These humbucking soapbars coupled with their NTBT preamp will yield infinite tonal variation. You'll also be able to hear the difference of my custom designed pickup blend control.


Punch, Burp, Growl ! Resonant and articulate are words I like to use to describe the tone. Ask anyone who ever touched a Sukop Bass to tell you how it begged to be slapped! Colourful midranges cut through mixes in a variety of styles. Quality construction + quality components = quality tone.


--Stephen J. Sukop